Month: April 2011

MDA/MDD: Model is not code!?

Following my post on round-tripping, a discussion raised again on “what is model?” on Think in models. Here I try to focus on why “model is not code” in an MDA/MDD context. First of all, let’s define the investigation field: MDA/MDD: using models to generate (parts of) code with generators Model (in this context): a formal

MDA/MDD: don’t round-trip!

In MDE life-cycle, round-trip engineering means ability to update a model based on source code reverse modeling. Funny practice: as the source code is issued from this model during the generation step, it’s a kind of “shoe is on the other foot”! More precisely, round-tripping is a way to work indifferently on model or source

ROI strategies for IS Modernization

IS modernization projects have a difference with IS evolution projects: unlike a new application or an application which evolves on business demand, an application to be modernized does not bring any direct new business related functionality. So, at first glance, IS modernization projects are unlikely to be sold to CEOs, unless… To better focus on