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TOGAF & Application Downsizing

Context Based on one of my past missions, a short story about how business side may see IT side and how TOGAF envision may help about that. Let’s name my customer Company. Company has launched a program to reduce IT operational costs and move toward open standards. One key step is to downsize a huge

Surviving legacy code

Reblogged from Learning by Shipping: “Surviving legacy code” Very interesting reading from a “high-level developer” viewpoint on how to improve legacy code. I’d say that automated refactoring or re-architecture, using MDE approaches, is a variant of the “Rewrite underneath” option also including some code removal. Hopefully a cheaper and faster one. But that doesn’t change

Get rid of Pacbase (and CASE tools) #1

First of all, the views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my past, current and future employers. Situation: A Company uses a CASE tool (Computer Aided Software Environment) to develop and maintain part of its application portfolio. For some reasons, the company wants to get rid of this CASE tool. One