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The Return On Investment (ROI) of Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Are you kidding? Life always beats fiction when imagination is concerned. Recently a large company asked me to show proof of ROI for implementing EA capability again. This company have had Architects in the past, and got rid of them at the time they choose a big Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solution as the company’s

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Simpler architectural models

Let’s say it’s time to build some views on the Information System architecture, or some part of it. The question is: how to keep these views simple to produce and simple to use? The detail level trap People often think that the more details you put in the more accurate views you get. They spend

TOGAF spirit

Sustainability I discovered TOGAF some times ago, and it has sounded to me as a revelation: a new insight on how to build and maintain a sustainable Information Systems (IS). Sustainable here means a way to survive with minimal effort. Wait… I’m not saying that TOGAF brings off-the-shelf solutions, I dare even say that it doesn’t

IS modernization process vs target architecture

Question is: in an ADM automated process, has the target architecture definition to be part of the process? Or has it to be (pre)defined regarding enterprise architectural IT plan? Answer is: both but enterprise business needs rank first. In an ADM process, a transformation path has to be found from the source code to the