ROI strategies for IS Modernization

IS modernization projects have a difference with IS evolution projects: unlike a new application or an application which evolves on business demand, an application to be modernized does not bring any direct new business related functionality. So, at first glance, IS modernization projects are unlikely to be sold to CEOs, unless… To better focus on

Should MDA be the Holly Grail of Agile Manifesto?

OK, I’m in a teasing mood… But let’s take the four Agile Manifesto values and have a look on MDA(*)  through these values. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools The fact is that tools have a huge importance in MDA. Individuals, even interacting well, will not succeed if MDA tools don’t work (modeler and model-to-code

Path from ADM to MDA

The Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM)(*) approach to migration projects follows a three steps workflow: Full source code reverse modeling, Model transformation from source architectural  model to target architectural model, Target code generation combining target architectural model generation and algorithmic source code conversion to target programming language. The Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to application development projects

IS modernization process vs target architecture

Question is: in an ADM automated process, has the target architecture definition to be part of the process? Or has it to be (pre)defined regarding enterprise architectural IT plan? Answer is: both but enterprise business needs rank first. In an ADM process, a transformation path has to be found from the source code to the

IS modernization: kinds of move

IS modernization means replacing IS components by other components which, while delivering the same functionalities to end users, bring business advantages or costs kills, or reduce business risks. IS evolution that brings new functionalities or an adaptation to an enterprise organisational move is not called IS modernization but… IS evolution! Business advantages: reducing time to

IT modernization or IS modernization?

The question is: what are we talking about when talking about “modernization” in the matter of information technologies and enterprise information systems? Are we talking about of the way to manage… Let’s say a jump from COBOL to Java that will hurt IT teams working habits? Or a jump from a single block system to

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